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About us

Why Tradevis?

Our name, Tradevis, comes from the Latin; 'Trade' is synonymous with negotiating and 'Vis' with winning so our entire concept is based upon negotiating to win. Accomplished and experienced entrepreneurs, our headquarters are in Scotland and we have offices in Switzerland. Tradevis is the brain-child of Jose Delgado, a lifetime entrepreneur since 1994 and the founder of several companies.

Save time and reduce overheads Once your business becomes a part of the Tradevis network, you will be provided with secure access to our web-based interface. Making use of your own secure private portal, you will have access to a whole range of business functions in the cloud. Forget about having to update new software and spend time working on IT systems when you could be attending to your business. With Tradevis and our team working alongside you, we take care of everything, continually upgrading and adding so that you are always in control of a sophisticated and smartly managed business function network.

What we do

The organisation came into being when Jose and his team became aware of several key things that every entrepreneur needs when forming a business; the right contacts, partners, funding and systems. This online platform will enable you to form business relationships between like-minded people, making use of our network to provide a strong foundation that will form a prosperous business armed with the necessary capital.

By fulfilling a need and filling a gap in the market, we are able to provide you with an outstanding level of service to business entrepreneurs who are dedicated to achieving their goals. By encouraging you and providing you with the tools to work towards your vision, your are able to move out of the conceptual world and into the practical one.

We provide users with a range of business functions, accessed via an internet-based service. This means you no longer need to build, install and maintain your internal business systems. Once you have access to this network, you simply plug in and you're ready to go. The Tradevis online system is provided via our web-based managed interface, supplied by a trusted hosting company. Our service users are provided with a powerful real-time method of communication between themselves and their business groups.

By providing you with software as a service, there are many benefits.

  • Low resource costs – save money; forget about having to purchase and install specific software. When you make use of the facilities provided by Tradevis, we take care of the whole infrastructure. System expenses are amortized across all users, reducing overheads and initial costs.
  • Out-of-the box integration– integration takes place at the data centre allowing a mix of disparate locations to be linked. The upside of this is that all units will be able to communicate from the point that your account is live.
  • Real-time business intelligence– users are able to share all data in use by the organization providing superior accessibility combined with total data security.

Our Mission

We exist for one reason only – to serve a community of business people who are dedicated to creating an outstanding and profitable company.

Passionate about what we do our mission is to put our customers first, listening to them carefully and working hard to develop quality relationships. We will supply them with key technology, enabling them to move forward towards future growth both personally and commercially. By making their ideas and concepts a reality, financial freedom and a prosperous future can be achieved.

Going forward, we will continue to build and maintain elite relationships, enabling all businesses to make use of our unique online platform that will enable great progress and future success.

Make sure that you become part of the Tradevis network.