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Keeping financial records safe and secure

byJose Delgado
financial services and products
Keeping financial records safe and secure

For any business to run efficiently and successfully, it is important that financial records are kept safe and secure. The records could contain information about the company, clients and employees and so it has to be stored in the correct way.

The four steps below will help you to keep your financial documents safe.

Make paper records digital

If your finance records are kept in a folder or a box then you really are leaving yourself exposed and open to problems.

Keeping documents stored in this way is extremely risky and so, having them converted into a digital format that can be backed up and stored on the cloud will really make a difference.

This is a job that could take a lot of time particularly if your business has been running for many years and you may even find that a lot of the paperwork is no longer relevant. Creating digital documents and storing them in the cloud will free up space in your office while also making it easier to store and find what you need. There are many different options available in the form of software that can make the task easier, so why not make a start with the most important documents and slowly, over time, convert it all?

Make copies easier to find

Some important documents require official copies that are made by agency that issues them. In order to save time when it comes to finding the official copies, why not create a list of the sources and where the copies can be located when starting your project.

There will be occasions where you will not be aware that you need to keep a copy of a particular form until it is called upon and so digitizing everything will get around this issue.

Records kept on your desktop

You may keep important financial records on your computer which could mean that they are at risk. If this is the case then you need to ensure that your antivirus software is up to date while also ensuring that access to the documents is limited to only you or certain people. Backing up this information is vital whether that is externally, off-site or in the cloud but doing so will ensure that you will never lose it.

Should you find yourself in the position where you need to delete these files, remember that you should delete them completely which would mean having to wipe the drive clean or have it re-formatted.

It is all in the cloud

There are many different types of software that will enable you to carry out all of your financial needs using just one app. This will mean that you will be able to execute tasks and keep a record of them without ever having to see a paper copy.

Cloud based software will have the correct security measures in place to ensure that your information is safe. They will encrypt information, use passwords that are strong as well as hashing algorithms to keep your information away from people who shouldn’t see them. They also update their virus protection to remain ahead of any possible threats.

Jose Delgado